About us

In our company we create and develop board games and video games. Our team consists of designers, illustrators and programmers with extensive experience in their work and great passion for games.

Our games
Strategic fighting game for Android, iOS and PC
¬°Build your own Comboids, pilot them and smash the others!

In Comboids you will have the chance of building your own team of combat androids using a wide variety of pieces and materials, and prove your skills by piloting your robots in combat.
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Comboids - Card game
Turn-based strategy and deck-building game (Spanish only)
Choose wisely your components and upgrades, build your team of combat androids and defeat your opponents.
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WC Time: Avoid the roaches
Run & Jump casual game for Android and iOS
It's time to go to WC, but the path is full of roaches!
Would you get in time?
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If you want to contact us, feel free to write at contact@comboidlabs.com

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